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State of the Site

So this is just a general checkup and notice about the state of the site.  Currently being a full time student I am quite busy, however I do love running this site, so I will be trying to make some time for it.  With the beta’s for bukkit 1.2 I have been busy working on my plugins instead of working on more programming tutorials, but those will begin again soon.  I also will be starting my final project for my artificial intelligence class soon (waiting on the proposal to be approved while writing this), which I plan to document on here along the way.  It will be my first delve into single player minecraft mods, but that is all I will go into about it currently.  I also have begun working on my micro-controllers final project which will be documented here.  I will be rigging up an arduino in order to control a garage door remotely as well as get the status of the door itself.  I plan on documenting that along the way here as well as hopefully doing some arduino stuff over the summer, but only time will tell.  Finally I would like to thank YellowAPI for inviting me to join their site, this has been a great opportunity, and the increased attention on the site is giving me more motivation to do more stuff for the site.  Thank you for following my site or stumbling upon it by accident.


Programming 101 – Lesson Two: Some basic IO and if statements

Almost any program that is at all advanced takes some sort of input, whether it be a file, or a command from the user.  In this lesson we will be learning how to do some basic input and output (generally called IO) as well as using if statements in order to determine if the input is what we want in order to make a more advanced programs.  If you continue with this series, IO will be quite important while working with bukkit plugins, as they have multiple parts to their IO.  In a bukkit plugin you have commands, events being triggered, and configuration files for example.  So in this project we will be asking the user to give us a value, then we will tell them if that value is even or odd. Let’s get started