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Arduino Interrupt Problem

So I’m working on a small project using the Arduino (which is overkill but that’s besides the point), and have run into a snag, not a major issue, but a worrisome one.  For some reason my Arduino is using the wrong pin to listen for interrupts.  I have it coded to listen for interrupts on pin 2 however it is listening on pin 3 which is making me worry there is a more major issue with the board.  After the jump is a small section of code, if anyone sees that there is an issue of my coding causing this then please inform me in the comments, otherwise I’m guessing this bad boy is DOA. Read moreRead more


Advanced Garage Door Controls Part 2

So this is part 2 for my advanced garage door controls.  In this part I am making it so that the garage door can autoclose, there were some minor changes to the design when it comes to the features as well as the implementation.  First off I had to change over to an arduino mega because there was not quite enough space on the arduinio uno to hold the program data (I was about 5kb off from fitting).  As a reminder here are the features that it will include. Read moreRead more


Advanced Garage Door Controls

As part of my ELE 206 class at the University of Rhode Island I am required to do a final project, so I decided to expand the control I have over my older garage door so that it has similar functionality to the Craftsman AssureLink garage door. Below is a list of the main functionality I am adding using the Arduino.

  • DONE: A status indicator inside the house to indicate if the garage door is open or closed.
  • The ability to remotely check if the garage door is open or closed, see if the safety laser beam is blocked, and remotely open or close it.
  • The ability to make the garage door automatically close after being open for so long.
  • The ability to have the garage door automatically close if the garage gets too cold.

This may seem like a very hard task, however most of this is quite straightforward, and over a series of posts I will be walking you through the development process (which is not yet complete).  The first part I chose to tackle was being able to detect if the garage door is open, and indicate that in the house.  See how after the jump


Sorry for the lack of posts lately

I’m sorry about the lack of posts lately, I have been pretty sick with a stomach bug which has been slowing me down.  However soon I will be posting the first part to my final project for my ELE 206 project, which will be a multipart series about using the arduino for home automation (specifically in my case involving the garage).


State of the Site

So this is just a general checkup and notice about the state of the site.  Currently being a full time student I am quite busy, however I do love running this site, so I will be trying to make some time for it.  With the beta’s for bukkit 1.2 I have been busy working on my plugins instead of working on more programming tutorials, but those will begin again soon.  I also will be starting my final project for my artificial intelligence class soon (waiting on the proposal to be approved while writing this), which I plan to document on here along the way.  It will be my first delve into single player minecraft mods, but that is all I will go into about it currently.  I also have begun working on my micro-controllers final project which will be documented here.  I will be rigging up an arduino in order to control a garage door remotely as well as get the status of the door itself.  I plan on documenting that along the way here as well as hopefully doing some arduino stuff over the summer, but only time will tell.  Finally I would like to thank YellowAPI for inviting me to join their site, this has been a great opportunity, and the increased attention on the site is giving me more motivation to do more stuff for the site.  Thank you for following my site or stumbling upon it by accident.

Photo by the Arduino Team

The Computer Scientist vs. Electrical Engineer

As a computer science student I have become quite efficient at cranking out code for various things, as well as learning how to teach others to do the same.  Well today was my first electrical engineering lab, and I noticed that many of them were not proficient in coding (not that they are necessarily expected to be) even though they generally had at least one coding class in the university.  This was the first time in the class where I felt as a computer science student in the electrical engineering department, where I felt that I had the upper hand.  Today’s lab was quite simple, it had various problems which had to be implemented on the arduino ending with the following one.  Essentially write an arduino program that can take an input from the serial monitor of a time in seconds, then have it so that the arduino turns the LED on pin 9 on for that long and off for that long.  The problem originally wanted it to only work for a single digit (between 1 and 9), however I felt that was too easy after I wrote that in about 5 minutes.  See the code after the jump

Jan joins API Fanboy

Well starting today my posts will be streamed to API Fanboy on atomic reach.  If you are reading this on their, then you probably are wondering what contains.  Well the site mostly contains my coding projects which as of right now are mainly using the bukkit API for minecraft servers.  However I plan on expanding soon, I just got an arduino for class, and I plan on posting some projects done with that in the future, including the possibility of a bluetooth lock (since not all phones have NFC).


Arduino Uno

Well today’s the day I became a nerd…well more of a nerd than I already was.  I got my first micro controller as part of an introductory electrical engineering class, microprocessors.  For this class we will be using an arduino uno, and I have a few ideas of things I might try to implement using that outside of the class room, but for now it’s reading sample code and learning how to use it.

New York Maker Faire 2011

New York Maker Faire

Many are unprepared for the sites and spectacles that they will see upon entering Maker Faire, at awe of all the spectacles, like the fire-breathing dragons, the people in steampunk outfits, the homemade bicycles and tricycles of all kinds, and robots of many kinds. You never forget your first Maker Faire, I remember mine like it was yesterday, because it was yesterday. Maker Faire New York was on the 17th and 18th of September at the Science Hall of Fame in Queens NY, and some of the greatest makers, and supporters of makers around were there. I was only able to attend Saturday, but here was my experience and what I will take away from Maker Faire 2011. (I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the images and videos, they were taken with my cell phone) Read moreRead more