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Archive for January, 2012

Photo by the Arduino Team

The Computer Scientist vs. Electrical Engineer

As a computer science student I have become quite efficient at cranking out code for various things, as well as learning how to teach others to do the same.  Well today was my first electrical engineering lab, and I noticed that many of them were not proficient in coding (not that they are necessarily expected to be) even though they generally had at least one coding class in the university.  This was the first time in the class where I felt as a computer science student in the electrical engineering department, where I felt that I had the upper hand.  Today’s lab was quite simple, it had various problems which had to be implemented on the arduino ending with the following one.  Essentially write an arduino program that can take an input from the serial monitor of a time in seconds, then have it so that the arduino turns the LED on pin 9 on for that long and off for that long.  The problem originally wanted it to only work for a single digit (between 1 and 9), however I felt that was too easy after I wrote that in about 5 minutes.  See the code after the jump

Jan joins API Fanboy

Well starting today my posts will be streamed to API Fanboy on atomic reach.  If you are reading this on their, then you probably are wondering what contains.  Well the site mostly contains my coding projects which as of right now are mainly using the bukkit API for minecraft servers.  However I plan on expanding soon, I just got an arduino for class, and I plan on posting some projects done with that in the future, including the possibility of a bluetooth lock (since not all phones have NFC).


Arduino Uno

Well today’s the day I became a nerd…well more of a nerd than I already was.  I got my first micro controller as part of an introductory electrical engineering class, microprocessors.  For this class we will be using an arduino uno, and I have a few ideas of things I might try to implement using that outside of the class room, but for now it’s reading sample code and learning how to use it.


Bukkit 1.1 and some possible future work

Well as everyone probably knows, the bukkit team has just released a new recomended build for the minecraft 1.1 update.  I have begun updating my plugins with the new event system and in other places as necessary.  I am also looking at writing something for spoutcraft to interface the real world with the minecraft world, which is less painful than stepping on legos.  But first I’ll have to look into the viability of it, but imagine having a gaming vest so you could feel where you are getting hit from.  I plan on trying to write a plugin as well as a spoutcraft mod which will allow you to use the 3rd space gaming vest with minecraft if you chose. But until then, keep a lookout for plugin updates.


Dead iMac as art

So today at work we were getting rid of a bunch of broken and dead computers, so a few of us were picking through them for parts, when I realized something pretty awesome about the iMac.  They look pretty damn cool without the LCD in, and the glass on them.  So I took the whole thing (minus the super drive (as apple calls them), hard drive, and webcam which had already been picked).  I think this would look awesome if it had the hard drive and cd drive in it, but even without them it’s pretty sweet, maybe I’ll get a dead hard drive and put that in it, but only time will tell.  Before that I need to figure out where to put this thing. Check out the iMac after the jump


Dell Vostro 3400 Design Failiure

In a previous post I outlined a design flaw with the Vostro 3450, where dell made it so that you have to remove the motherboard to access the hard drive, well the Vostro 3400 is its little brother, and it seems to have its own design flaw.  Recently I have had to replace a-lot of LCD Top Cases on this model, all of which were sold at roughly the same time (Summer 2010), so after a few I had a feeling that there was something wrong.  I finally found one that told me the whole story, one which was damaged enough to where I could see what the engineering issue was. Read moreRead more


Geo is back under my control, SDX Minecraft Server has a new domain, and the Patriots win

Well as some of you may have heard, a former player on the SDX Minecraft Server decided that he should post my Geo plugin to bukkit dev without even asking my permission.  So after about a week I finally have control over the Geo plugin on bukkit.  So DrFusion I will go out on the record in saying that you will never be unbanned from the SDX Minecraft Server, and I will make sure of that.   Read moreRead more

Creative Warning

CreativeWarning 1.0.0

Earlier this week Epics in the bukkit forums requested a plugin to help monitor his server that way his moderators would be notified when a player with creative mode put certain things in their inventory (for example tnt or lava).  So that is where this was born, what it does is when a user with creative accesses their inventory and updates it, it notifies the admin if there are any contraband items in there.  One limitation is that it requires the server-side spout in order for it to monitor the inventory events, however the spout is not required as the client.  This plugin also does not stop them from getting the items, however it does help with prevention.  Currently it will go off when they access any inventory so if they open a chest and take something they had before it will set it off.  My current plans for this plugin is that I will be adding two new options to the config.yml, monitorChest which will be true or false of whether or not you want to monitor the items the players get from a chest as well.  I also plan on making another node removeItems which will automatically remove black listed items from the players inventory.  But for now here it is in its initial form.


ClearInv 1.9.4

I have just released ClearInv 1.9.4, this update removes one thing and improves some other things.  First off I have removed the auto update library that I was using in order to prevent some issues I was having.  However don’t fret, I have written it so that it will notify you when there is an update to ClearInv or the items.csv and give you a URL to download it.  I have also included the items.csv into the jar, so if the file doesn’t exist, in the startup it will write it.  With these changes I was able to make it so that you can run this on java 6 again.  So why are you still reading this, download it, install it, and play minecraft.  However if you want to see more info check out the page for ClearInv here.


Code Sprint: the competition begins

Tonight starting at 8pm pacific time the second Code Sprint begins.  Code Sprint is a 48 hour programming spree where people looking to get a job in the computer science field are given problems and have 48 hours to solve them using one of the allowed languages like c, c++, c#, java, perl, php, python, etc.  Then these answers will be submitted and the companies that are participating in this will be able to asses your skill and decide whether or not to interview you.  Every programmer will always say, let my code speak for me, well here’s your chance.  Check it out here.