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Archive for December, 2011

herobrine SDX

New maze on the sdx minecraft server

So i spent the 2 days making a simple maze in my spare time on the sdx minecraft server, adding a couple (20) traps into it.  It’s got three levels and is held in a pyramid.  If you would like to check it out, feel free to check it out on the server.  The IP is and the maze is located at “/warp maze”.  In case anyone decides they want to cheat on the maze, i put a no build region on it.  And if you are a new member you won’t be able to build in the world it is located in anyways.  So load up minecraft and have some fun.


WPS Vulnerability Found

Earlier today Stefan posted about a vulnerability that he discovered in WiFi Protected Setup.  The first design flaw is that there is no authentication besides the pin, which could be done with a brute force attack.  The second design flaw is the way that the router sends responses as to whether or not the given pin is correct.  This drastically reduces the number of attempts required by someone who knows about the vulnerability.  This reduces it from 10^8 (100,000,000) attempts to 10^4 + 10^4 (20,000) attempts.  Stefan made a proof of concept program in python which he used to test the brute force method on these routers.  This is quite intriguing to anyone with a wireless router now a days, which is everyone.  Stefan has reported his results to CERT/CC (Computer Emergency Response Team), and hopefully the manufacturers will end up releasing a firmware updates for their routers soon.  For more information feel free to check out Stefan’s post about it, and most importantly the paper he wrote on the vulnerability.

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Merry Chritsmas

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that the holidays find you well, and that you are able to celebrate them with your families.  On a day like today I would especially like to thank the men and women of the armed services, especially those that are serving abroad and unable to celebrate with their family.  Thank you for your service, and I hope that you get to come home soon.

version control

Book Review: Version Control By Example

In August I was able to receive a copy of “Version Control By Example”, and I finally had time to read it this past week.  It is a book about version control systems (obviously), and the various generations of them (mostly focusing on generation 2 and 3), how they work, how you use them, and giving you simple, straightforward examples.  Now although the subject matter may seem boring to most, and yes I’ll admit I was skeptical at first on whether or not this would keep my attention, this book is quite entertaining.  It is by far the most entertaining computer science book that I have ever read, which is able to get the information across to the reader in a clear and concise manner. Read moreRead more


my first experience with PHP

So yesterday after myself and a few mods on the SDX Minecraft Server were complaining about the reporter plugin that we had installed, which does not allow you to report player that are logged off and stuff like that.  So then inspired I volunteered to make a better reporting system outside of minecraft/bukkit.  That is where my adventure begins.  I decided that I wanted it to be a web-based system, and it would have been just as easy (if not easier) to set up a shared google doc with the info, however I decided to go a more “fun” route and learn PHP, and mysql at the same time as making something that was needed.  About 6 hours later and an uncountable number of expletives I was able to come up with a very basic report tracking system, with logins, passwords that are hashed for obvious security reasons (though there is no real security needed for this), a way to create a report, and a way to display a report.  It is quite simple and quite likely not the best way to do this, but it was a good learning experience.  Read moreRead more


SDX Minecraft Server Maps

With the update to Minecraft 1.0, the SDX Minecraft Server has done a complete wipe, which is unheard of on our server.  One of the things we were proud of is the fact that our members world had never been wiped, and has been the same world since the says of heyo mod, needless to say there is some history on that map.  So with wiping the maps, the admins decided to put up the maps for download, there is a torrent as well as a direct download from my site.  Feel free to download it and have fun on the maps that we used to call home.  And if you would like to join the server and play on the new maps, it is located at


Bukkit 1.0.1 released and plugin updates

Well bukkit 1.0.1 reccomended build has been released today, and the community proved they were waiting on the edge of their seats by causing jenkins to crash.  With that being said, plugin developers have been quite busy compiling their plugins against the latest builds and fixing anything that gets broken, myself included.  Today I made some minor modifications to ClearInv, rewriting the way that it creates and maintains the config.yml to be much simpler.  I also made some tweaks to my News RSS Feed plugin which should now work with JRE6 as JRE7 is not necessary for it, and many users are still using JRE6 which is causing problems.  I also made it so that an admin can force the plugin to grab updates from the RSS feed, and for there to be a more info tag as well which will be displayed at the beginning of the messages.  Read moreRead more

rss bukkit

News RSS Feed

I wrote a quick little bukkit plugin tonight that was requested by WizardCM of the Bukkit forums.  He requested a plugin that could use the RSS feed of a website as the message of the day for their server.  So the plugin I wrote does this simply and effectively.  Upon the start up of the server it gets items from the RSS feed, and will grab it roughly every 30 minutes (by default).  Then when a player logs in the 5 latest (by default) RSS feed titles will be displayed to them as a message of the day.  The feed itself (obviously), the frequency of the updates, and the amount of stories it tells your players are all changeable in the config.yml file. If you would like more info check out the page for it here.


mind = blown

While surfing the web, you never know what you are going to find, and this is just another example of that.  Among that is a drill bit that cuts square holes, yes, something that moves in circles at a fast rate cuts a square.  This is quite an odd invention, which seems to defy physics, and blows my mind.  However one thing I notice which may just be coincidence, or design is that the chuck holding the bit in place seems to wobble.  This may be an effect of the way that it is drilling, or it could be programmed to do that, I’m not sure.  However I do know that if I ever see one of these while at the hardware store, I will be buying one just to see how well it works, and just so i can say “I have a drill bit that will cut a square!”

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gift for my girl friend

So I’m a handy man and like to build stuff and repair stuff, and knowing that  my girlfriend loves home made stuff, I decided to make her a gift.  I was looking over instructables and this one inspired me, thinking I can do that!  My approach was slightly different, as I don’t have access to a vinyl cutter or vinyl to cut, however I do have plenty of plywood.  So I cut the design into that.  The downside is that doing it in this way requires that the design is simpler and makes it harder to line up the design on the glass you are etching.  It also requires that the glass is flat (or that you bend the wood a-lot to work with it.  So I came up with a simple design, an old fashioned lock, on a glass shaped like a heart.  I like the end result which you can see after the jump Read moreRead more