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Archive for August, 2011


It’s already August?

So today I was sitting at my computer working on getting OSX set up in VirtualBox, when I realized, it’s already August!  So right now I’m trying to set up OSX Lion in VirtualBox (there probably is a guide but i’m going to try and find my way alone out of boredom).  For those of you that do not know what VirtualBox is, it’s a program for running OS’s within virtual machines, like parallels or VMWare.  VirtualBox was created by sun (who recently got purchased by Oracle), and there is the option to set up OSX guests (as the virtual machines are called) however it doesn’t work in windows by default, but there are ways around it.  I used this guide to set up my Snow Leopard guest (don’t worry I paid for it), and it went pretty much without a hitch.  I also finally have gotten around to ordering a uninterrupted power supply for my computer because these power outages are slowly killing it.  And finally I’ve been working on doing the body work on my car, putting bondo on, then sanding, then putting more bondo on, over and over, and it’s starting to look good.  Once it is done I will post pictures.


New bukkit plugin!

Well today I whipped together a new plugin for Bukkit at the request of Insideiea at the bukkit forums.  This Bukkit plugin allows the server admin to define how much health players respawn with after they die.  It became necessary after he noticed players on his server were killing themselves in order to heal.  This plugin has a config file it generates so that a server admin can define how much health the player spawns with, it defaults to having the player respawn with 1 heart.  If you wanted them to respawn with 5 hearts for example you would change the “respawnHealth: 2″to “respawnHealth: 10″.  For more information take a look at it’s page.