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Archive for August, 2011


ClearInv 1.7.1 is up

ClearInv 1.7.1 is now up, this update includes players previewing an inventory will automatically have it removed after about 5 minutes (6000 ticks) and their original inventory given back to them. I also have made a new permission node “clear.admin” which is used to be able to clear the inventories of all players at once, either completely or selectively. You can also do this using the console. See more info here.


What to expect from the next ClearInv update

Here is what I’m planning to release in version 1.7.1.  First I will be adding some protection to people who are previewing an inventory by making it so that after about 5 minutes (6000 ticks) it will give you your own inventory back.  This is to protect the player that preview an inventory and goes afk for a bit, but then theres some sort of problem with the server.  I know this is not a major issue 99.9% of the time but figured I should add the safeguard anyways.

I am also making it so if you do /preview without a name then it will act as if you typed /unpreview.  This should prevent any confusion about commands, however /unpreview will still be there for people who are used to that. 

Finally I am planning to make it so you can use a wildcard for a name in order to clear everyones inventory, and it will also work selectively clearing.  This will have it’s own permission node (probably something like clear.all) that way you can chose to only give it to admins and not moderators if your server is set up that way.  Hopefully i can do this all before school starts and I move into my new appartment and start school for the semester.

Thank you for reading and using my plugin.


ClearInv updated with a new feature

Today I am releasing v 1.7.0 of ClearInv which adds the ability for users with the clear.other permission node to view other players inventories.  It does this by saving the players inventory, and temporarily replacing his or hers inventory with that of the player they use it on.  I know this is nothing new in the world of bukkit plugins, but it’s just one more step in the progression of this plugin.  I would like to thank Kohle on the bukkit forums for suggesting the addition to the plugin.  For more information, and a download link, go here.


How we do things in Rhode Island

Here’s a hint, the wrong way. Read moreRead more

google+ contacts

Google+ syncing contacts to android?

It would appear google has started to sync contacts between android devices and google+.  I went into my contacts and found 3 new contacts (unnamed).  This is not a big surprise as services like Facebook and Twitter allow you to sync accounts and contacts.  It may be a little buggy however from this screen shot I took of my device.  However I also noticed that when I went to post this the contacts were gone, though I’m not sure why (they didn’t link with their counterparts in my contacts).  Here are the screen shots I took: Read moreRead more

HTC boot loader unlock process

HTC boot loader unlock process and what we can reasonably assume

So to start this off, this is not about how to unlock your HTC phones boot loader, it is about what we can infer about the process due to the way to works (for more information on the process, see this).  From what it would appear this is some sort of hashing algorithm, upon first look it would most likely be a one way hash of the token passed to them at step 2.  However there is also the possibility that this is RSA in reverse. Read moreRead more

sql injection


So I was driving home when i noticed the car in front of me had an interesting license plate, “PHP” (from Connecticut) and although I tried to get a photo, it is just way too blurry to see (I guess that’s what happens when you’re driving on the highway trying to use the camera on your phone lol). But that got me thinking, what programming language license plates are available (at least in Rhode Island), so i searched, and this is what i found: Read moreRead more


updates coming

Today I began working on updates for my clear inventory plugin, and for my change world command plugging for the server I play on (this is only released as source due to how server dependant it is). I am updating my clear inventory plugin to allow people with the ability to clear other players inventory to preview their inventory. It will temporarily give them the other players inventory. The command syntax will go as such:

/preview to see the users inventory
/unpreview to restore your inventory. There are some logistics I plan to work out first before releasing it, however this is a promising addition.

On an unrelated note I would like to mention, don’t use air cans to kill flys, the bitterant sucks, time to sleep on the futon.


Updated ClearInv

So today I finally got around to updating my ClearInv plugin for bukkit.  This update is mostly code cleanup, and fixing of some of the output text.  It also has a new feature in that you can selectively clear your armor slots.  For example if you wanted to clear your boots armor slot you would do /clear boots.  This is in addition to being able to just do /clear armor and it will clear all of your armor slots.  Feel free to read up more on it, and download it here.


World Change Command source

So today I posted a page with the source to a plugin I created for my server.  What it does is it executes commands that you define in a config file when you change worlds.  I am releasing the source and not the actual plugin itself because the features are server specific.  This is a good starting point for people who want to have a survival world and creative world, it will allow you to disable stuff on players entering the survival world (like god mode, or unlimited items).  If you would like to download the source feel free to grab it at the page I have created for it.  Please feel free to use it as a starting point for your plugin.