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Home made jet engine

Lets first start off by saying you shouldn’t do this at home, and also I am not the bloke in the video, even I am not this crazy.  I saw this video via hackaday and thought I had to share these!  This guy is making a jet engine without a welder and using stuff from the bathroom, needless to say this isn’t safe if you don’t know what you are doing, but the results are pretty amazing.


Kings 1.3.1

I have once again updated my kings app, this app update brings a-lot of nice stuff.  For one you can now have your own custom rule sets which are stored on the sd card in a json format.  My next update will include a way to create and store rules within the app, I am also going to work on a website where you can share said rules as well as create your own sets there as typing them out on the phone or tablet could get tedious.  On top of the new rules update I have also made it so that you can adjust the size of the numbers on the cards to suit your needs within the settings, this will be useful for people with very large screens like 7 or 10 inch tablets where there is a-lot of white space between the numbers and suite or smaller screens where the numbers may overlap with the suite at the default size.  Feel free to checkout the update and download it here.


Kings 1.2 Released

Kings 1.2 brings along a much-needed update, animation between cards.  Whenever you change cards it will play an animation in the direction that you are swiping.  I have also been doing some back end work to add the new custom rule sets which will come in the next update.  If you want to get the app, feel free to get it on the play store from the link below:

Get Kings on Google Play


Kings 1.1 Released

I have just released an update for my first android app, Kings.  For those of you which don’t know what Kings is, it is a card based drinking game where each card has an action that is performed.  I have updated my app to keep the screen on by default, making it so you can swipe in any cardinal direction, and also adjusting how continuous play mode is handled.  Next release should have some animations whenever a new card is drawn, and will start to have the pieces for customizing rules (even if it is only in the back-end).  For more information check it out on Google play.

Get Kings on Google Play


Steam Summer Sale 2013

It’s that time of year again, today begins the Steam Summer Sale of 2013, and with it comes games at extremely low prices.  I have already begun to buy some up including all of the half life series (yes I know, boo Sean for never playing them), plus the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.  This years sale will be from July 11th, 2013 until July 22, 2013 which gives you plenty of time to stock up on games at discounted prices.  I don’t know about you, but these seasonal sales through steam have made me a snob when it comes to games, only buying them when they are on sale.

One new thing that Valve is doing with this years sale is the introduction of “trading cards” which you can use to get things like emoticons, DLC’s or games, or other customization to your profile.  For more information on them you should check out this.  The one thing I will say about this new gaming style within a game delivery platform is that it just adds another layer of social integration to Steam by giving you the ability to trade these cards with your friends, and by giving you levels as well, it’s like a game for playing and buying games.


Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday, so I decided it was time for a couple of updated watch faces, plus I released a new one.  i have made some updates to houses Cerwyn and Tully to make them a little nicer, as well as released a watch face for house karstark.  Check them out here and fee free to download the source.


House Frey Is Here!

After  watching last nights amazing episode of Game Of Thrones I decided it was time to create a watch face for House Frey, because we do not know their saying I was wary of it, however I have replaced their saying with their title, Lord of the Crossing.  This brings us to a total of 11 Game of Thrones watch faces, I plan on adding a few more as well as trying to do some cleanup on some of them at the pixel by pixel level, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.  Feel free to download it here, scan the QR Code below, or check out my other game of thrones watch faces here.



More new watch faces!

At the request of missing_an_eyebrow on the pebble subreddit, I have started creating a set of watch faces based off of the show Game of Thrones, I actually had begun reading the books last week so this was a nice little project.  I have created two of the houses thus far and will be creating more over time.  I plan on adding Baratheon, Lannister, and Targaryen next.  If you have a house you would like to request feel free to leave a comment here or on the post on reddit.  Also be sure to checkout the watch faces, they will all be available to download here.

Alteran Gate Watch

Gate Watch: Alteran

Now that summer has come I have released an alternative version of my Gate Watch watch face for the pebble which features an Alteran font.  This is essentially the same watch face with a new font which should look familiar to anyone who watched SG-1 or Atlantis.  And for those that did not watch the show it is quite easy to learn how to read the watch which I feel is one unique thing about the font.  You can check out the font here if you would like, and feel free to download my watch face here, or scan the qr code below.

Download the Alteran Gate Watch

Download the Alteran Gate Watch

this is a mockup of my stargate watchface for the pebble

Gate Watch: A Stargate Inspired Pebble Watchface 1.0 Release

With the semester coming to an end I chose a bad time to decide to do stuff with the pebble, but that seems to be how it always is, too much work and not enough time.  Being the geek that I am, having a Stargate themed tattoo, I thought I would complete that with a Stargate inspired watch face for my pebble.  It features an image of the gate with the time in the center, and supports both 12 and 24 hour formats.  You can see a mockup of it here (as there is no way to take screenshots).  I plan on making a version with an “Ancient” font for those that are major geeks and fans of the show.


Scan to download the gate watch

Scan to download the gate watch